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‘Dare to Explore’ Lion’s Dive and Beach Resort

Friday, February 28th, 2014

No problem.

I took the Dare to Explore Lion’s Dive and Beach Resort Curacao for one main reason.

I have always loved this place.  It’s bar none the “Sporty Spice” of Curacao resorts.  Let me put a picture in your head.

Blue skies, blue water, a private sandy beach decorated with swaying palms.

Just 5 minutes to historic and party popping Willemstad.  It gets better.  The Seaquarium, Dolphin Academy, and famous Mambo Beach are next to the resort.

The 3 restaurants and bar combos are getting high praise.   The 50 meter pool is a popular spot for relaxing or swimming laps.

You can kick it up a notch by joining the resort sports program or jump into the Body Beach Wellness Club.

Pick your passion.   Are you on a budget or splurging?

Two Bedroom Apartments, Suites and even a Penthouse are available.  There is lodging for the practical person all the way to big spender.

I went practical.

But I did get a tour of the Penthouse.   The “Wow” factors include a 180 degree view of sand, sea, and sunsets from the over-the-top balcony.

Let chat about about the Dive Shop.

People travel to Curacao from all over the planet for the amazing Caribbean dive sites.   Several are on diver’s bucket lists.

Ocean Encounters has been schooling non-divers and offering advanced diving courses forever.

If you don’t dive – learn.  If you do – this is base camp for some awesome underwater fantasies.

Google a few of these buzz words.   The Mushroom Forest, Superior Producer, Tugboat, and Klein Curacao and make sure you click on images.

When you see the magical underwater world, tropical fish, shipwrecks, and living coral you will understand why people are drawn to diving.

Not ready to dive?  

Drop by the Seaquarium and Dolphin Academy next to the resort.  You can have thrills without chills.

Instagram pics of you with turtles, sea lions, dolphins and even sharks!  

Lots to see and do if you ‘Dare to Explore’ Curacao’s  Lion’s Dive and Beach Resort.





the best Curacao Map I have ever seen

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Hey Gang,

When you land on Curacao you need a good map.

Below is a link to the best map of Curacao I have ever seen.


Curacao Tourist Board is giving them away for FREE.

On one side is a map of the whole island with resorts, dive sites and all the beaches.

The other side of the map is of Downtown Willemstad and the shopping district.

Here is a link to the map:

I had one shipped and it took about 2 weeks (it comes out of NJ)

They also include a very handy booklet of Curacao information and a smaller version of the map.

Don’t get lost in Paradise,

Curacao Map Side 1Curacao Map Side 2


We’ll keep the sand warm for you…….

P.S.  Curacao Now 2011 ends in a week.  If you lost your link go here:

Grab the $400 per room in Airfare Credits and you don’t have to travel until December 22, 2011….

15 more days before the end of Beyond Curacao Now! Savings

Friday, April 30th, 2010

15 more days before the end of Beyond Curacao Now!

Beyond Curacao Now! is the premier savings solution for travelers to the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean.  Travelers who missed the mega-popular Curacao Now Coupon have just 15 days to grab the extended savings program.

Once again the popular “book now and travel later” feature is available until May 15th which means you must secure your package quickly.

Lock in savings that can be used anytime between now and December 22, 2010.

Call 800-327-6709 or visit  to secure $1000′s in savings, obtain up to the minute program details, and get a spot on the early bird notification list for Curacao Now Coupons 2011.

Beyond Curacao Now! Offers Instant Resort Rebates that range from $270 to $420 at some of the finest hotels and resorts in the Caribbean.  Enjoy huge swimming pools, tennis courts, world class restaurants and on-site entertainment experiences.

You receive a $200 Food and Beverage Credit that allows you to experience icy signature drinks with exotic to familiar foods.  Pastechi to pasta with orange or blue curacao beverages are perfect complements to this delicious discount.

Get your Free Hotel Night from prime program participants.  Luxury beach front hotels, postcard views, onsite gambling, in-house dining and entertainment are even more enjoyable when the room is free.

Veteran scuba divers and first time underwater explorers are thrilled with the famous variety of dives at Curacao.  This package provides a Free Scuba Diving outing that cannot be duplicated.

Richard Mitsoda at Maduro Travel has been the architect of adventure in the Caribbean.  He has properly earned kudos from  the Curacao Tourist Board, Curacao Resorts, and Curacao vacationers for being the mastermind of Beyond Curacao Now!

The Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival on September 3rd and 4th falls inside the travel window for this offering.   Can you picture enjoying the music of Lionel Ritchie “All Night Long”, swaying to George Benson’s “On Broadway” when they share the applause with artists that include John Legend and Sergio Mendes.

There are vacations we dream of and dream vacations that are designed for the young and the young at heart.   Beyond Curacao Now! is for singles, couples, and multi-generation families that want a first-class vacation wrapped up in an affordable package.

Call 800-327-6709 to take advantage of the savings before the May 15th deadline.  Book now and you have until December 22, 2010 to complete your travel.

Visit the website and put your name at the top of the list for early notification for the 2011 Curacao Now Coupon program.

And we will keep the sand warm for you!

Dive Curacao – Oswaldo’s Drop Off and Car Pile

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Use your Beyond Curacao Now! and plan to stay at the fabulous Breezes Resort you may have a view of one of the islands hallmark dive sites.

Think of the fun you will have telling people that you toured a used car lot 100 feet beneath the deep blue sea.

The Car Pile is a sunken barge with a mechanical crane in the midst of a traffic jam made up of trucks and cars dating back to the 1940’s.

Add to this image a giant shovel scoop, a couple boats, metal beams, blocks of concrete, cables and even some telephone poles.

This site is home to barracuda, elkhorn, spiny lobsters, seagrass, trumpetfish, puffers, and various moray eels.  There is plenty of brain and pipe coral on the reef which makes the entire experience both colorful and memorable.

There is a wide variety of sponges along the reef and some divers have reported the occasional octopus.  The currents can be strong and steady in this area and some tired explorers have required a tow from time to time.

There is an outstanding dive facility with plenty of professionals around to offer advice and answer questions.

This dive will give you a whole new definition of carpool.   Enjoy the ride.

The Mushroom Forest – A Reef Dive

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Mushroom Forest is a world renowned dive site that is consistently voted Curacao’s number one underwater attraction.  Fascinating varieties of star coral have been fashioned into mushroom shaped statues by erosion, fish, and sponges at their base.

Visitors participating in the beyond Curacao Now! program will discover that virtually every dive shop on the island has this site on their schedule.   Your program participants will have terrific suggestions to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Tube, orange elephant ear, and barrel sponge add vivid color and contrasting shapes to this magical area.  Coral may start small but some amazing examples are over 10 feet in diameter. Most of the coral is at a depth of 40-60 feet allowing plenty of time to investigate on one tank of air.

A popular end to this enchanted exploration is the Mushroom Forest Cave.   Divers are awed by the 2-story stone ceiling above them with only eight feet of water underneath their fins.   There is room for at least half a dozen divers and the air is breathable.

You will struggle to find adequate words to describe the coral pillars that rise from the ocean floor like Jack’s magic beanstalk.

This storybook setting is complete with a colorful cast of characters swimming about or peeking at you from their coral castles.

Dive the Superior Producer, Kissing Fish & beyond Curacao Now!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Wanna do a cool shore dive? Check out the Superior Producer.

Your booties take you across the slippery -and sometimes rocky bottom -to this sunken ship.   You will find easy entry from shore,  – but – you and your dive buddy should get some advice on prevailing currents – or take a local guide to be super safe.

Enter the ship through the gaping cargo bay.  Catch a ride on the port side current to float up the wheelhouse toward the forward cargo hold and then into the ship.   You will find yourself sharing the ship with barracuda, turtles and even the ever romantic kissing fish……

Heading west from the wreck to exit at Holiday Beach will include a closer look at the colorful double reef made of flawless coral and home to a wide array of tropical fish.

The Superior Producer provides the excitement of an upright ship that can be easily explored during the day….but the coral is best viewed after dark when blooming.

You may find your seafood hunger being triggered by the giant lobsters that inhabit the wreckage.  This is clearly one of the most popular underwater experiences on the island and when the ship appears from the shadows you will be impressed.

Divers can access this activity through the beyond Curacao Now! promotion and call us at 800-337-6709 for more information.