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Discount Coupons for Dare to Explore – available now

Friday, March 14th, 2014

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Power Shopping & People Watching in Curacao

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Admit it Guys, we like to shop too.

Not because we like trying on new shoes or picking up the perfect handbag.

But because we get to people watch.

And there is no better place to people watch in Curacao than the Downtown Willemstad shopping district.

Bonus…..its always sunny so we get to wear sunglasses.

So after about day 3, when you have melted into your lounge chair and NEED to take on a high energy adventure, head over to the Punta, the oldest part of Willemstad, and do some serious power shopping.

Before you go, click on this link to the Official Downtown Willemstad shopping map and plan your attack.

*** Downtown Willemstad Shopping Map and People Watching Guide ***

The Map also has places to eat and things to do…..Plus Punta is right next to Otrabanda, the historical city Center.

Have fun.

Your umbrella drink will be anxiously awaiting your return.


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15 more days before the end of Beyond Curacao Now! Savings

Friday, April 30th, 2010

15 more days before the end of Beyond Curacao Now!

Beyond Curacao Now! is the premier savings solution for travelers to the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean.  Travelers who missed the mega-popular Curacao Now Coupon have just 15 days to grab the extended savings program.

Once again the popular “book now and travel later” feature is available until May 15th which means you must secure your package quickly.

Lock in savings that can be used anytime between now and December 22, 2010.

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Beyond Curacao Now! Offers Instant Resort Rebates that range from $270 to $420 at some of the finest hotels and resorts in the Caribbean.  Enjoy huge swimming pools, tennis courts, world class restaurants and on-site entertainment experiences.

You receive a $200 Food and Beverage Credit that allows you to experience icy signature drinks with exotic to familiar foods.  Pastechi to pasta with orange or blue curacao beverages are perfect complements to this delicious discount.

Get your Free Hotel Night from prime program participants.  Luxury beach front hotels, postcard views, onsite gambling, in-house dining and entertainment are even more enjoyable when the room is free.

Veteran scuba divers and first time underwater explorers are thrilled with the famous variety of dives at Curacao.  This package provides a Free Scuba Diving outing that cannot be duplicated.

Richard Mitsoda at Maduro Travel has been the architect of adventure in the Caribbean.  He has properly earned kudos from  the Curacao Tourist Board, Curacao Resorts, and Curacao vacationers for being the mastermind of Beyond Curacao Now!

The Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival on September 3rd and 4th falls inside the travel window for this offering.   Can you picture enjoying the music of Lionel Ritchie “All Night Long”, swaying to George Benson’s “On Broadway” when they share the applause with artists that include John Legend and Sergio Mendes.

There are vacations we dream of and dream vacations that are designed for the young and the young at heart.   Beyond Curacao Now! is for singles, couples, and multi-generation families that want a first-class vacation wrapped up in an affordable package.

Call 800-327-6709 to take advantage of the savings before the May 15th deadline.  Book now and you have until December 22, 2010 to complete your travel.

Visit the website and put your name at the top of the list for early notification for the 2011 Curacao Now Coupon program.

And we will keep the sand warm for you!

Club Bermuda in Curacao – a Review of the Nightlife

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

The mix masters at Club Bermuda in Curacao are “gonna make you sweat now” with music designed for dancers.   Picture three areas cranking out your favorites from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Deejays will take requests to play your favorite dance, funk, and rock tunes.

Happy Hour is normally starts at 5:00 pm and lasts until 7:00 pm with snacks and specials.

This is the place where you can mingle with the friendly locals and make new friends under the most elaborate light show on the island.

Beyond Curacao Now! vacationers can pump up the volume while they burn off some of the delicious calories from sampling island fare all day.  If you are still hungry you can order some grilled ribs and local brew or cocktail.

VIP treatment is available for special party people celebrating on the island.  VIP starts with a private entrance so you will not wait in the long line outside.  Your party gets automatic access to the special VIP bar and you can arrange for a table on the front line of the action.

Pulse pounding dance music, superior food and drinks, a terrific mix of live music and crowd pleasing deejays make Club Bermuda in Curacao a must for party people.

Landhuis Daniel Plantation Restaurant – a Curacao Restaurant

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Is it a pancake or a pizza?

This Dutch pancake is over a foot long with a scrumptious apple batter and topped with bacon.  You can top it with ham and cheese or ask your server at Landhuis Daniel Plantation Restaurant for a suggestion.

If you are still hungry by nightfall then treat yourself to a memorable supper. Take your dinner party to the flowered terrace outside and sink into “island time” with a relaxing drink or sample fresh lime flavored ice water.

A typical 4-course meal is created especially for your party after staff consults you about your specific tastes.   The baguette bread is filled with Herbs du’ Provence and garlic butter, which is served hot at the beginning of nearly every meal.
A cranberry salsa dresses up the smoked turkey with the rabbit ragout in your green salad serving with a generous vinaigrette topping that is creamy and delicious.
Tiny shrimp are seasoned in the fish bisque and you may find yourself dipping your bread into your soup.

If you love beef and need a counter balance to the soup then try the sirloin steak bathed in red wine that is surrounded with peas, miniature onions, and green beans.

If you failed to save room for dessert you should order anyway and ask for a box.

Your midnight craving could be candied walnuts sprinkled over a mousse made from dark chocolate.   If that’s too rich try the mango sorbet with raspberry cordial or take home a perfectly crusted pineapple pie.


Mambo Beach Club – A Curacao Restaurant Review

Friday, April 9th, 2010

If you are headed to Seaquarium Beach you can check out the Mambo Beach Club for food and fun.  This genuine beach club is a terrific spot to enjoy the best parties and artists from sunup to sunset.

Pillowed beach loungers and outstanding music create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy some of the best food and drink on Curacao.  Tasty international dishes are served at this open air café where friendly locals and tourists mix daily.

Many of the fun features in the Curacao Now! plan are located nearby and it does not take long for hungry visitors to discover this outdoor hotspot.

Over 50 nationalities are represented on Curacao and Mambo Beach has a menu item for nearly every flavor. This gay-friendly café and cocktail spot is a great location to combine food and drink with people watching and bathing in the sun.

Hot peppers, diced onions, and vinegar are combined to make Curacao’s home based hot sauce which is applied to fish, meat and stews.   Try one of the fried banana treats or corn meal side dishes with your conch meat, stewed goat, or red snapper.

Remember your taste buds are on vacation too so do not miss the opportunity to introduce them to some new friends.

When you order your menu items take time to consult the locals about the perfect beverage to accompany your meal.

Sopranos Piano Bar Curacao Review – Curacao Now!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Check out this live international piano club with fantastic vibes.  The Sopranos Piano Bar Curacao features the hottest and most exciting piano players on the local and international stage.

beyond Curacao Now! visitors should check with your concierge for transportation.  It is within walking distance of the bus station, has a taxi stand out front and if you come by car the Renaissance parking garage will stow your auto free.

The specialty here is drinks backed up by a decent collection of beer and wine.  If you’re still hungry you can order up snacks by the Chihuahua Kantina and Restaurant.

The area directly in front of the Sopranos Piano Bar are packed with people every night of the week.  Separated by archways there is ample comfortable seating for listeners and people watchers.

The party lasts until 3-4 a.m. every night with the doors open at 10:00 a.m. with the exception of Sunday where the fun starts at five.   Reservations are recommended but be on time.

This nightspot changes up the performers and provide chain of special event support and promotions.   Wine and cheese nights, Carnival events, and special guest artist appearances are common.

Make a note that this club is group and kid friendly.   There is outdoor seating that allows you to enjoy the surroundings and the fabulous music.

Feelin’ Fowl? – Check out the Largest Ostrich Farm outside of Africa

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Feelin’ Fowl today?…….You can tour the largest Ostrich farm outside of Africa and see what makes a Curacao Ostrich tick.

The tour is just under one hour and starts with enthusiastic guides behind the wheel of large jeeps.   The knowledgeable tour guides will introduce you to a day in the life  of a Curacao Ostrich

You will be given an opportunity to visit the hatchery where you can hold and pet a baby Ostrich.   Educational facts about Ostrich life are explained in a way that is fun for adults and children.

beyond Curacao Now! program participants will enjoy this tour that appeals to all ages in your party.   Be sure to bring a camera so you can prove that you held the bucket when you feed several Ostrich at once.

Experience the open air café where you can sample an Ostrich omelet surrounded by an African theme.  If you have never seen an Ostrich egg, you will be blown away by the size of your the omelet.  (Hint – you don’t break open the Ostrich egg to get out the yolk.   You tap 2 tiny holes, 1 in each end of the egg and blow into one hole pushing the contents out of the other hole.   That way you are left with a huge egg shell to play with.)

Wash you meal down with an Aloe Vera Wine which is definitely not on the menu back home but certainly worth a taste.

Consider calling ahead if you want a picture riding an Ostrich because the number of rides is limited.   You will love this totally unique experience.

Brought to you by the folks behind beyond Curacao Now!  You can reach us at 800-327-6709 for more information on riding an ostrich and the huge discounts available from the Curacao Tourist Board and the local Resorts and Dive shops.

Sol Food – A Hot Curacao Restaurant

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

If you are staying in Westpundt or enjoying an island excursion from your beyond Curacao Now package, you should definitely wrap up a day at Sol Food.

Local hosts, Sunshine and David, serve you in their own home. Located on the west end of the island this is possibly where the relaxed, friendly, and loving atmosphere of Curacao was hatched.

Sunshine has her own couscous and vegetable blend that embraces perfectly prepared shrimp.  The red snapper is presented with a delightful mango based salsa.  There is a mushroom crepe that will leave you begging for the recipe.

A variety of salads and pizza are available for the adventurous and for children.  Be warned that even though you want to experience the local cuisine you will be tempted by the marvelous scent of the creative pizzas being carried past your table.

Eating on the deck, with a wide screen panoramic view of the ocean, you will still have room for brownies that are richer than Donald Trump.  These fudge like brownies certainly trump our familiar cake style kitchen brownie.