Curacao Now = $400 Airfare Credit Returns

$400 Airfare Credit is BACK for 2011.

It starts Feb 15th.

The ‘Curacao Tourist Board’ is launching its annual ‘Curacao Now’ discount program.

It Includes:

  • $400 Instant Airfare Credit per room
  • Free Nights
  • Free Diving
  • Possible Spa Credits (its not approved yet)
  • And discounts on Local Tours (also not approved yet)


If you are on our ‘Early Bird’ email list – then watch next week for your email to secure your coupon early – before booking starts on Feb 15th.


If you are NOT on our ‘Early Bird’ list you can jump in line here:

Last year we had 240 Coupons and we sold out early.

This year we have 390 and we know already these will be go fast.

228  people have already asked for one (we can’t give them out until next week)

so grab and growl.


P.S.S.S.S…Anyone on the Early Bird list knows we don’t spam or send you garbage.

You will only hear from us if the Curacao Tourist Board starts giving away money – or if we find a great Freebie.

In the meantime,

We’ll keep the sand warm for you!