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beyond Curacao Now! Has Travelers Dialing for Dollars

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Curacao Now Coupons were all claimed in less than 30 days.

That left many Caribbean vacations wondering how that opportunity slipped through their hands.

Those same people are now grabbing beyond Curacao Now! discounts with both hands thanks to Richard Mitsoda at Maduro Travel.

The announcement of ‘beyond Curacao Now!’ has travelers reaching for phones to snatch up the savings that literally puts dollars in their pockets.

Once again the Curacao Tourist Board,  Maduro Travel and CuracaoCoupons have partnered with island businesses to create an amazing discount package.

This time – No coupons are required – Just pick up the phone and book your package before the offer expires on May 15th, 2010.   Like the original Curacao Now! Coupons you book your vacation today but have until December 22, 2010 to complete your visit.

beyond Curacao Now! is a spicy travel package jam packed with FREE features that people unwittingly pay for when planning their Caribbean vacation.  Some of the most exciting and accommodating hotels on the island start your stay with an Instant Resort Rebate from $270 to $420.

The package includes one night Free Hotel stay so you can continue to enjoy the shops, marketplace, dining, diving, dancing, and tours another day.

Resort partners give you an immediate $200 Food and Beverage Credit. with  interesting selections from foreign to familiar.

The Free Scuba Diving feature in this promotion is huge.   Scuba enthusiasts are notorious for finding the greatest values and this trend can be directly attributed to Curacao being a diver’s destination.  The variety of dives and easy access to experienced guides and locations is a boon to both the veteran and novice divers.

Program planners ensured that your available visit dates included the September 3rd and 4th Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival.

Imagine yourself in casual clothes, an umbrella decorated beverage, and a warm evening breeze drifting through the crowd of locals and warmly welcomed visitors.   Now add the music of Sergio Mendes, George Benson, and Lionel Ritchie and you will label this vacation:  “Living the Dream”.

The acclaimed master of Caribbean adventures is Richard Mitsoda at Maduro Travel.  Program participants agree with the Curacao Tourist Board, Curacao Resorts, and Curacao Hotels that he has another hit on his hands with beyond Curacao Now!

One call does it all at 800-327-6709.

Garner your dream discounts before the May 15th cutoff date for booking the package.

Expert Curacao consultants will give you all the updated information on every facet of the package and remind you that you have until December 22nd to complete your trip to Curacao.  You can also be listed for instant notification when Curacao Now 2011 is made available to early bird buyers.

You can walk where the Pirates of the Caribbean plundered, share the same views that captured the eyes of historical figures, and enter the underwater world shared with lifesaver colored coral and fish.   The toll free call is just the first of many dollars saved with beyond Curacao Now!

We Got it Done – Introducing – ‘Beyond Curacao Now!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Huge congrats to Richard Mitsoda at Maduro Travel for helping secure more Curacao discounts for you.

In fact, he came up with the name, ‘Beyond Curacao Now!’ which is very appropriate.   These discounts help those Travelers who either could not book during the booking dates – or – could not get to our $400 Instant Cash Rebate coupon fast enough before we sold out on March 11th.

So here you go:

Book from March 16th to April 15th.

Travel finished by December 22, 2010

Discounts you get are:

A $270 to $420 Instant Resort Rebate.

A $200 Food & Beverage Credit

(The Breezes All Inclusive is giving a $250 Spa Credit since food is free)

One Free Hotel Night

Free Scuba Diving

A variety of other ‘Secret Stuff’ that resorts are offering

And the best part – No Coupon Required!

Just call us at 800-327-6709 to be sure your Resort is not sold out of the ‘Beyond Curacao Now!’ goodies

Hope this helps you keep more vacation money in your pocket……..

Also,  P. S. – And if you would like Early Bird access to the 2011 ‘Curacao Now!’ program, please drop you email in the box below and you will be the 1st to get notified before Curacao Now! 2011 is launched.