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Dive the Superior Producer, Kissing Fish & beyond Curacao Now!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Wanna do a cool shore dive? Check out the Superior Producer.

Your booties take you across the slippery -and sometimes rocky bottom -to this sunken ship.   You will find easy entry from shore,  – but – you and your dive buddy should get some advice on prevailing currents – or take a local guide to be super safe.

Enter the ship through the gaping cargo bay.  Catch a ride on the port side current to float up the wheelhouse toward the forward cargo hold and then into the ship.   You will find yourself sharing the ship with barracuda, turtles and even the ever romantic kissing fish……

Heading west from the wreck to exit at Holiday Beach will include a closer look at the colorful double reef made of flawless coral and home to a wide array of tropical fish.

The Superior Producer provides the excitement of an upright ship that can be easily explored during the day….but the coral is best viewed after dark when blooming.

You may find your seafood hunger being triggered by the giant lobsters that inhabit the wreckage.  This is clearly one of the most popular underwater experiences on the island and when the ship appears from the shadows you will be impressed.

Divers can access this activity through the beyond Curacao Now! promotion and call us at 800-337-6709 for more information.