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Feelin’ Fowl? – Check out the Largest Ostrich Farm outside of Africa

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Feelin’ Fowl today?…….You can tour the largest Ostrich farm outside of Africa and see what makes a Curacao Ostrich tick.

The tour is just under one hour and starts with enthusiastic guides behind the wheel of large jeeps.   The knowledgeable tour guides will introduce you to a day in the life  of a Curacao Ostrich

You will be given an opportunity to visit the hatchery where you can hold and pet a baby Ostrich.   Educational facts about Ostrich life are explained in a way that is fun for adults and children.

beyond Curacao Now! program participants will enjoy this tour that appeals to all ages in your party.   Be sure to bring a camera so you can prove that you held the bucket when you feed several Ostrich at once.

Experience the open air café where you can sample an Ostrich omelet surrounded by an African theme.  If you have never seen an Ostrich egg, you will be blown away by the size of your the omelet.  (Hint – you don’t break open the Ostrich egg to get out the yolk.   You tap 2 tiny holes, 1 in each end of the egg and blow into one hole pushing the contents out of the other hole.   That way you are left with a huge egg shell to play with.)

Wash you meal down with an Aloe Vera Wine which is definitely not on the menu back home but certainly worth a taste.

Consider calling ahead if you want a picture riding an Ostrich because the number of rides is limited.   You will love this totally unique experience.

Brought to you by the folks behind beyond Curacao Now!  You can reach us at 800-327-6709 for more information on riding an ostrich and the huge discounts available from the Curacao Tourist Board and the local Resorts and Dive shops.