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Landhuis Daniel Plantation Restaurant – a Curacao Restaurant

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Is it a pancake or a pizza?

This Dutch pancake is over a foot long with a scrumptious apple batter and topped with bacon.  You can top it with ham and cheese or ask your server at Landhuis Daniel Plantation Restaurant for a suggestion.

If you are still hungry by nightfall then treat yourself to a memorable supper. Take your dinner party to the flowered terrace outside and sink into “island time” with a relaxing drink or sample fresh lime flavored ice water.

A typical 4-course meal is created especially for your party after staff consults you about your specific tastes.   The baguette bread is filled with Herbs du’ Provence and garlic butter, which is served hot at the beginning of nearly every meal.
A cranberry salsa dresses up the smoked turkey with the rabbit ragout in your green salad serving with a generous vinaigrette topping that is creamy and delicious.
Tiny shrimp are seasoned in the fish bisque and you may find yourself dipping your bread into your soup.

If you love beef and need a counter balance to the soup then try the sirloin steak bathed in red wine that is surrounded with peas, miniature onions, and green beans.

If you failed to save room for dessert you should order anyway and ask for a box.

Your midnight craving could be candied walnuts sprinkled over a mousse made from dark chocolate.   If that’s too rich try the mango sorbet with raspberry cordial or take home a perfectly crusted pineapple pie.