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The Mushroom Forest – A Reef Dive

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Mushroom Forest is a world renowned dive site that is consistently voted Curacao’s number one underwater attraction.  Fascinating varieties of star coral have been fashioned into mushroom shaped statues by erosion, fish, and sponges at their base.

Visitors participating in the beyond Curacao Now! program will discover that virtually every dive shop on the island has this site on their schedule.   Your program participants will have terrific suggestions to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Tube, orange elephant ear, and barrel sponge add vivid color and contrasting shapes to this magical area.  Coral may start small but some amazing examples are over 10 feet in diameter. Most of the coral is at a depth of 40-60 feet allowing plenty of time to investigate on one tank of air.

A popular end to this enchanted exploration is the Mushroom Forest Cave.   Divers are awed by the 2-story stone ceiling above them with only eight feet of water underneath their fins.   There is room for at least half a dozen divers and the air is breathable.

You will struggle to find adequate words to describe the coral pillars that rise from the ocean floor like Jack’s magic beanstalk.

This storybook setting is complete with a colorful cast of characters swimming about or peeking at you from their coral castles.