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Dive Curacao – Oswaldo’s Drop Off and Car Pile

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Use your Beyond Curacao Now! and plan to stay at the fabulous Breezes Resort you may have a view of one of the islands hallmark dive sites.

Think of the fun you will have telling people that you toured a used car lot 100 feet beneath the deep blue sea.

The Car Pile is a sunken barge with a mechanical crane in the midst of a traffic jam made up of trucks and cars dating back to the 1940’s.

Add to this image a giant shovel scoop, a couple boats, metal beams, blocks of concrete, cables and even some telephone poles.

This site is home to barracuda, elkhorn, spiny lobsters, seagrass, trumpetfish, puffers, and various moray eels.  There is plenty of brain and pipe coral on the reef which makes the entire experience both colorful and memorable.

There is a wide variety of sponges along the reef and some divers have reported the occasional octopus.  The currents can be strong and steady in this area and some tired explorers have required a tow from time to time.

There is an outstanding dive facility with plenty of professionals around to offer advice and answer questions.

This dive will give you a whole new definition of carpool.   Enjoy the ride.