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Sol Food – A Hot Curacao Restaurant

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

If you are staying in Westpundt or enjoying an island excursion from your beyond Curacao Now package, you should definitely wrap up a day at Sol Food.

Local hosts, Sunshine and David, serve you in their own home. Located on the west end of the island this is possibly where the relaxed, friendly, and loving atmosphere of Curacao was hatched.

Sunshine has her own couscous and vegetable blend that embraces perfectly prepared shrimp.  The red snapper is presented with a delightful mango based salsa.  There is a mushroom crepe that will leave you begging for the recipe.

A variety of salads and pizza are available for the adventurous and for children.  Be warned that even though you want to experience the local cuisine you will be tempted by the marvelous scent of the creative pizzas being carried past your table.

Eating on the deck, with a wide screen panoramic view of the ocean, you will still have room for brownies that are richer than Donald Trump.  These fudge like brownies certainly trump our familiar cake style kitchen brownie.