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Power Shopping & People Watching in Curacao

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Admit it Guys, we like to shop too.

Not because we like trying on new shoes or picking up the perfect handbag.

But because we get to people watch.

And there is no better place to people watch in Curacao than the Downtown Willemstad shopping district.

Bonus…..its always sunny so we get to wear sunglasses.

So after about day 3, when you have melted into your lounge chair and NEED to take on a high energy adventure, head over to the Punta, the oldest part of Willemstad, and do some serious power shopping.

Before you go, click on this link to the Official Downtown Willemstad shopping map and plan your attack.

*** Downtown Willemstad Shopping Map and People Watching Guide ***

The Map also has places to eat and things to do…..Plus Punta is right next to Otrabanda, the historical city Center.

Have fun.

Your umbrella drink will be anxiously awaiting your return.


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We’ll keep the sand company for you…