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Curacao Now! Coupons Have Vacationers Smiling

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Curacao Now! is creating a huge wave of interest among vacationers planning a trip to the Curacao in 2010.

The ultimate Dutch treat this year is the Curacao Coupon that entitles 240 bearers to $400 instant credit per room (based on double occupancy) on your Curacao Island vacation.

When you picture participating hotels you should imagine the Avila, Breezes Curacao Resort or Habitat Dive Resort Curacao to name a few.  On top of the world-class accommodations you will also receive $200 in food and beverage credit per room.

Many of the hotel and resort participants reward your minimum 5-night stay with one night free.  Imagine an extra day to stay and play on the sugar sand beach, enjoy the sparkling pool overlooking the ocean, or visit the on-site casino.

Hiking trails, popular mountain bike excursions, and other explorations are made easier with a one day free car rental.  Participating partners in Curacao Now!  make this a simple process with on-island vouchers.

Divers from all over the world know that Curacao has over 60 spectacular locations and many can be accessed from shore.   They truly appreciate the one dive day free part of this package.  They have dreamed about diving on the airplane, the tugboat, or the famous mushroom forest composed of 10-foot high star coral.   This is the land of Rainbow Parrotfish and Care Bear colored reefs.

Amazingly the bonus round does not end here because the package includes on-island vouchers with deep discounts from participating attractions, museums, transfers and tours of all kinds.

You can pick your travel window but first you must take advantage of your savings now because the clock is ticking on the cash you will save.  The program booking window is limited to a total of 240 coupons and expires on March 15, 2010.   Make a toll free telephone call to 1-800-327-6709 that will connect you to Curacao experts at Maduro Travel.

The first travel window is May 1 to July 4, 2010 and the second time frame is August 15 through December 18, 2010.

Visit the website at for your Curacao Wow moment.   This first class promotion is another grand slam from the Curacao Tourist Board.  Curacao Coupons operates in partnership with Maduro Travel, the official Tour Operator Partner for the Curacao Now! Program.

The program is a continuation of past years success in attracting first time visitors and rewarding repeat vacationers.   What makes this offer different from other promotions is the level of participation that makes for a lengthy list of benefits and entitlements to the lucky 240 coupon bearers.

The package is designed so you can carefully customize your vacation to coincide with your taste for adventure.   Are you a diver or a casino player?   There is a perfect hotel or resort to match.   Transfers will allow you catch transportation to the capitol city and other locations.   Tours may have you straining to hear islanders defending against marauding pirates or museums documenting the captivating history of the island.

Curacao Now! is clearly a first class way for vacationers to save hard, cold, cash that will genuinely extend your holiday.

Remember to check out the website and book your savings by March 15th while you plan for 2010 travel dates.

Blue sky, blue water, and blue Curacao are just a phone call away.